Life Coaching with Mark

Working with me as your life coach

I assist my clients in facing their most challenging questions about their lives with a combination of a gentle and supportive manner, a lightness that is unique to my unmatched style, and a directness and honesty that helps you see how you might be in your own way, and helps you get out of it.

We often ask a magician…“How did you do that?” I will have you asking the question, ”How could *I* do that?” You'll soon begin to see that you actually could.

I bring my experience and skills together in a unique way and partner with you to find your ‘inner magician’ so that you can make the seemingly impossible happen in your life.

Just like with a stage illusion, if you know the secret the rest is easy. The secret is almost always a small and simple one. Did you know that all of Harry Houdini’s escapes and illusions are easily explainable to a 5 year old? Many of life's "secrets" are just as simple once we're able to see them and get out of our own way.

Clients who have worked with me report having achieved several critical accomplishments in their lives, from improving or saving a failing relationship, improving communication with children and family, to getting a promotion, changing careers, increasing their income, and starting a business. They also report that the results they experience are long lasting, continuing to impact their lives long after they have completed their work with me.

I'm certified by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and I am a member the International Coach Federation (ICF). I received my BA in Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook in Psychology and my MA in Counseling/Human Development from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Ultimately, my work is about us partnering to discover the core beliefs you have about your life that generate the results you get. Our core beliefs are the energy that fuels our results. I'll work with you to transform that energy and eliminate the blocks, resulting in a shift in your results and creating more of what you want.